Exposition à Cologne du 15 au 18/11

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Exposition à Cologne du 15 au 18/11

Message par Lavrut » 04 nov. 2018, 18:09

Avec mes 3 complices habituels je participe à l'exposition de Cologne du 15 au 18 novembre. Présence de 3 autres réseaux en O, avec une forte conotation européenne puisque le français que je suis cotoiera 1 finlandais, 1 néerlandais et 1 allemand !
J'essaierai de trouver le temps de faire quelques photos…


Gauge 0: Vivat Viaduct model railway
The layout is an oval, so fiddle yards are not necessary. Long trains can run around the track and be seen from all sides. The railway depicts a single branch line in era II-IV. The line was enlivened by creating three viaducts: one in concrete in the style of German artist Oliver Boberg (Stadttunnel, 1998), an iron girder bridge similar to the Rhine bridge at Neuenburg and a long stone arched viaduct, like the Altenbek viaduct. Thanks to the length of the track, the generous curves and expansive station, high-speed trains also look impressive on the layout. Not just trains running on steam, but also V200, express and passenger trains with BR 23 and 38, block trains and freight trains can be seen in this Vivat Viaduct setting - as spectacular as a main line at the peak of the steam engine era.
Operator: Vivat Viadukt, HJ Knoop, 4141 JT Leerdam, Netherlands
Size of layout: 13 x 6 metres
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Gauge 0: Cantal region in southern Auvergne
The layout is inspired by a single-track railway line in the Cantal region in the southern Auvergne. It is not an exact replica of a real location but an interpretation in gauge 0. The entire system consists of 10 modules which depict various regionally characteristic elements: bridges, tunnels, viaduct and station. The stretch of rail is 13 metres long, with a two-track turntable at each end, allowing vehicles to return down the line. The track on the right-hand side is constructed using plastic clamps (Peco DC 124), while on the other modules the tracks and points are self-made using wooden sleepers and DC 124 rails. The station buildings were designed by a French architect. The backdrop is an original painting by the artist Didier Lemaitre. The rolling stock corresponds to the period 1950-1960.
Operator: Jean-Francois Lavrut, 94000 Creteil, France
Size of layout: 11 x 12 metres
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Gauge 0: Shark Bay Railroad
Shark Bay is an imaginary port in Maine, USA, depicted in the late 1950s. The branch line which ends in Shark Bay serves mainly the industrial installations and little harbour of Shark Bay. There is also a fish processing plant, from where fish and lobster travel by rail to be sold all over Maine. At the other end of the branch line we find Cape Shark with a raised loop line and a goods station consisting of two grain silos, goods storage, metal-working plant and potato store. The layout attempts to show that a 3-wire system can also look good. Many interesting 3D-printed buildings can be found, such as the town's residential homes with their interior decoration and fine details. The railway is operated digitally and the new MTH Wi-Fi technology also allows operation via smartphone or tablet.
Operator: Porvoonseudun rautatiermallarit ry - Borgane, Alexander Sannemann, 05400 Jokela, Finland
Size of layout: 10 x 6.5 metres
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Gauge 0: Five-track through station Lenzingen
The centre of the layout is the five-track through station Lenzingen in a rural setting, used mainly by passenger trains. Freight transport is minimal and is essentially limited to a freight shed. The main line as well as the side line leave the station to the right in a 180° curve. Via a 270° loop the main line returns to the station. After crossing the main line, the branch line runs at a slightly higher level along the back of the layout, to an extension showing the two-track terminal Gelfertsheim. The typical flair of eras II and IV can be seen in the entry and exit of the trains and the semaphore signals regulated by block system.
Operator: Modellbau-Team Köln, Hartmut Groll, 51067 Cologne, Germany
Size of layout: 8 x 3.5 metres
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Désolé, je n'ai pas eu le courage de traduire les textes... :oops:

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Re: Exposition à Cologne du 15 au 18/11

Message par hmc » 04 nov. 2018, 18:18

Bonjour JF
Kolossal Messe.
Ca promet d'être sympathique. Nos voisins, exigeants sur la qualité des prestations, sont bon public et savent recevoir.
Tu ne devrais pas être déçu.
Club : CFC

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Re: Exposition à Cologne du 15 au 18/11

Message par Juanfran3 » 04 nov. 2018, 18:47

Quand on a fait RAIL ‘s Hertogenbosch sous mon égide, il y a toujours, potentiellement un risque d’être décu ... :Ange2
Köln, c’est à même pas 2h de chez moi ca ...

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Re: Exposition à Cologne du 15 au 18/11

Message par Rolf » 06 nov. 2018, 20:12

La foire de Cologne a émis des bons pour des clubs. Le prix d'entrée par personne est ainsi réduit de 3 euros à 12 euros par personne.

Les bons peuvent être téléchargés sur le forum ArgeSpur0. Mais il faut être enregistré dans le forum.

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Re: Exposition à Cologne du 15 au 18/11

Message par tacot_pépère » 07 nov. 2018, 21:34

Bon ben a défaut de Kolossal Messe en O en France Fais nous honneur Jean François :applause1: :applause1: :applause1:
Faire simple, Que du simple